Your are what you Think #1

You are what you Think, Critically!

The Thinking Process.

At Level One, we must recognize the Fundamentals of our Human Development. So, where does it start? When we look at a Baby, for a baby to fully function at the highest levels of life, baby need to go throw the “Natural Developmental Cycle (NDC)”. No baby must “Skip” any level of their growing-up. Let’s show you the “Process”. First – Rolling! Second – Sitting up! Third – Crawling! Fourth – Walking! Fifth – Running! This friends, is what is called the “Natural Progression” of our development. The twenty first century tells us that the “Natural Process” does not work any longer, therefor we must look for “Short-cuts”. What happens during “Short-cuts”? The Unrelenting Mighty Hand of the Law will pursue you. Examples in Business and Politics…… So, Recognize the Fundamentals of “Natural Process”. Its painful, but it will put you on a great platform.


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