You are what you Think #3

Level Three. At level three you Sustain your thinking.

Even if you are going to Dream, there should be Structure in your dreaming. Example of how God Conceptualize and Constructed the material world. Remember, You are what you Think. This brings me to the second Level. The French Poet Voltaire made the following profound statement when he said: “No Problem can with stand the Assault of Sustained Thinking”. Meaning, that if you encounter a Problem along the way as you Mature Grow and Develop (MGD), and you will find problems along the way. The problems cannot touch you if you continue to apply thinking.

Look at it like this. I would like you to Think Acutely (Serious), As much as we hear about bringing creativity to classroom and business, we hear even more about teaching and using acute thinking skills. Let’s all climb on the same page about critical thinking and what it entails.

First, let’s explain out the difference between Thinking and Critical Thinking.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

“I’m thinking about the beach,” or “I’m thinking about my mom’s food,” is plain vanilla ice-cream thinking. Thinking is giving mental attention to something that doesn’t require assessment (meaning to calculate) or response from the thinker.

Alternatively, Critical Thinking guides our assessment of and our reactions to information being considered— honestly, the act of thinking critically demands a reaction, any reaction or decision (including everything from “nope, that’s utterly incorrect,” to “oh, ok, that fits in my web of preexisting knowledge this way” to “well now that I know that, I have to change my whole life”). Either way, critical thinking demands objective examination of a topic and then a conscious response to that examination. In other words, you should be doing a lot of it (CRITICAL THINKING) every day.

So, what will it be? Will Thinking you Employ today? Yes, I said Employ!


You are what you Think #2

Level Two. This level brings an interesting dimension called, You need to Dream! Bra Donato Mattera, for some of us affectionately call him OOM DON an icon of our liberation struggle and a voice of the oppressed in his poetry work entitled DREAMING WAS NEVER FREE, notes: “Oh my land, my earth, beloved in this place of perpetual poverty scattered dark eyes glow in the night dust of kangwane, and love still speaks solemnly salted by uncompromising tears. Deep , deep in the willing flesh the first seeds clash, and memory is born, and that which was unseen comes to the earth clothed in carrying our grieve and expectations. Though now our shadows flicker in the liquid light of liberty, a time will come, beloved when we will remember, dreaming was never free, and that to love and live and believe also meant we had to know and sing and die” We need Dreamers. Dreamers that will engineer and design the life they want to live where we don’t “Blame” government for our lives. Dreaming is going to cost you! Dreaming is going to cost your life! Which means you will have to let go of thinking with the crown. You need what I call “Solitary Vision”.

Your are what you Think #1

You are what you Think, Critically!

The Thinking Process.

At Level One, we must recognize the Fundamentals of our Human Development. So, where does it start? When we look at a Baby, for a baby to fully function at the highest levels of life, baby need to go throw the “Natural Developmental Cycle (NDC)”. No baby must “Skip” any level of their growing-up. Let’s show you the “Process”. First – Rolling! Second – Sitting up! Third – Crawling! Fourth – Walking! Fifth – Running! This friends, is what is called the “Natural Progression” of our development. The twenty first century tells us that the “Natural Process” does not work any longer, therefor we must look for “Short-cuts”. What happens during “Short-cuts”? The Unrelenting Mighty Hand of the Law will pursue you. Examples in Business and Politics…… So, Recognize the Fundamentals of “Natural Process”. Its painful, but it will put you on a great platform.